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kathy vavrick o'brien survivor all stars

Welcome to Kathy Rules!
This website is dedicated to Survivor: Marquesas contestant Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien!

This website was the first fan website dedicated to our hero, Kathy!

All Star Survivor Updates!

12/22/03: The filming of the Survivor All-Star show has finished and the contestants have returned home. We already know that Jenna Morasca did not win. Her mother passed away during filming. If she was still in the game, she chose to go home, understandably. It may be more likely that she had already been voted out, as she seemed to be an obvious target for an early boot on her tribe. Our condolences to Jenna and her family.

There is also confirmation from several sources that there is a real romance "sparked" on this Survivor, for the first time. Could our Kathy be involved? Probably not, but who knows. More likely, it is between Rob Mariano and someone, maybe Amber? That looks like the most likely scenario. Or Colby and someone? There are some interesting possibilities.

Also, over on Survivor Sucks, there's an unconfirmed report about 3 Survivor's traveling together near the end of filming, this would indicate they were fairly early or pre-jury boots. I won't spoil their names, so head on over to Survivor Sucks if you are interested. These 3 people, including one huge fan favorite, a winner and a schemer, would seem very likely early boots anyway, so I'm thinking we may have our first spoiler. We'll see.

Previous Update: As we reported previously, Kathy is definitely participating in the All Star Survivor that started filming November 3rd in Panama. According to, Kathy is on the GREEN tribe. Her tribemates are reportedly COLBY from Australia, LEX from Africa, JENNA - winner of Survivor:Amazon, SHII ANN from Thailand and the master of them all RICHARD HATCH, winner of the original Survivor! The Green tribe looks to be the strongest in terms of physical ability when compared with the other tribes, so hopefully Kathy can use this to her advantage.

In honor of Kathy's participation on All Stars, the site has been updated!
Check out the new polls concerning the All Star Edition.
News section has been updated.
We've archived the old guestbook and created a new one for All Stars. If you support Kathy on the All Star Survivor, 
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On Survivor: Marquesas, Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien demonstrated amazing determination, strength, intelligence, integrity and class.  This website is dedicated to the remarkable Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien!

At the beginning of the show, we were made to believe Kathy would be the first Survivor voted off, but she remained till the final 3! What an accomplishment, especially without an alliance. Nobody has ever gone that far without an alliance before and they may never again.

Kathy has become one of the most respected and popular players on any Survivor!

Kathy has many more fans than she may think. In most of the Survivor polls and in many fan's hearts, Kathy was a solid pick to defeat the others left in the final 4 and become the Sole Survivor. This didn't quite work out.
I don't wish this to be a website about badmouthing any other players, so instead we will celebrate Kathy's very exceptional 3rd place finish.

After all, we know Kathy is the TRUE Survivor!

Old News:
January 2003 - Seems the ALLSTAR version of Survivor IS finally in the works for season 9 of Survivor! Looks like Mark Burnett may let the viewers decide who will be selected from each season. So, obviously, there will be 1 man and 1 woman from each season, 1 - 8. There are already polls going on regarding the ALLSTAR edition. When they start voting for Season 4, let's give it to Kathy! Link here:

Over on, there was a poll regarding  the most favorite Survivors of all time and Kathy actually won that one! That's especially notable since many people over on seem to hate most everybody except the so-called hot-chicks and sweethearts of the show.

I think Kathy is virtually assured a spot on the All Star edition anyway. We'll be seeing her again soon, and this time she'll win. I'm pulling for Boston Rob and Kathy to team up to represent Survivor Marquesas. They'd be a great team.

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