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Kathy won hands down as the female choice to represent Survivor Marquesas in the All Star edition of Survivor, check out the results here:
Kathy's comments regarding the ALLSTAR edition of Survivor:
SF: If Mark Burnett calls you (which he will) to participate in an All-Star Survivor, would you do it?
KO: Of course and I'll win! I want to go for it again!
(8/22/02 interview from, link below)

Kathy has also launched a great foundation helping women, more here:

The CBS website contained a poll asking "Who played the game the best?" after the show aired, no surprise to us that Kathy is demolishing the competition with more than 52% of the nearly 50,000 votes so far.

Read Kathy's final words transcript here.

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We'll start adding Survivor All Star edition articles, interviews etc as soon as we receive them!

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